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Well, Im not sure how it will intregrates into Package Control, since it requires compiling a library. Am I the only one who doesn't want to use a bloody editor for programming but an IDE that makes things comfortable with just one click?

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Amazon My Eclipse IDE is acting up When I search for Type or press Control and mouse-click some variable or class I just cannot find the resource I want even though I am positive it .

Sun, 27 September Page generated in 0. Sign up to our Newsletter A fresh new issue delivered monthly. Solved Indexer disagrees with compiler [ message ]. Thu, 17 September Hello everyone, I am using Eclipse Mars 4. I am receiving errors such as the following Quote: Symbol 'string' could not be resolved component. Value' could not be resolved component. Even with all the warning flags turned on, I don't see anything unusual in the console output while compiling.

By contrast, I do not experience this same issue while using another IDE such as Netbeans although I would really prefer to use Eclipse. Here are the steps detailing how I created my Makefile project with existing code in Eclipse: Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc.

Here is some select data from the parser log file Quote: Include Search Path option -I: Attempt to use symbol failed: I have tried cleaning, re-indexing, restarting, re-building, re-creating, and all kinds of different combinations of settings and potential fixes I found in other similar issues. So far nothing has worked. How can I get it to index the above files? Why is it not able to parse them even though the compiler can? Should this be filed as a bug report or is there some configuration settings I'm missing?

I have attached the full parser log. An internal error occurred during: PDOMProxy cannot be cast to org.

This is temporary solution and i say its inappropriate if you want to use search for some predefined keyword or functions. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Eclipse Indexer don't work Ask Question. I got this error message and the indexer is not working. But I have no clue what to do. The problem is that the bug does occur, not that we're unaware of why it occurs. To be fair, given this explanation for why the bug occurs, one should not say that Eclipse's background indexer sucks, but rather that the CDT implementation of background indexing sucks. I share the gripe that Eclipse lets too much free-for-all repo commits and lacks vision and organization.

This kind of stuff is bound to happen. But isn't this also a problem for all open source with liberal push policies? If eclipse had any form of quality control it would have never made it bejoind being a Java IDE on top of an overly complex plug-in framework. I managed to break eclipse installations and projects way too often, it took years for things to get stable.

The typical way to implement that on UNIX-like platforms that is, all platforms except Windows and ReactOS is to have the background process run in a separate OS process, which can be terminated immediately and then automatically cleaned up after by the OS in no time.

But sadly, while I'm sure it's achievable, it's not an "obvious" route to take with Java, because the framework is designed around to be cross-platform, and many types of resources cannot be automatically reclaimed by the OS at the moment of process termination on all platforms, on account of not all platforms treating all resources in terms of file handles think inter-process semaphores, network resources, etc.

It's almost as though most open source projects are a free-for-all hobbyist of collaboration. Eclipse gets a lot of ignorant hate. I get that impression that very few developers know that Eclipse is a complex ecosystem of plugins. Everything is a plugin. Some plugin developers know their shit, a lot don't.

That may all be true. But I don't install third-party plugins. I install Eclipse from the official site. And the cancel button still doesn't work. I don't really see how this is an excuse. If your software needs plugins to work well, then you should take a special care that the most crucial plugins work correctly.

Choosing a plugin-based architecture is not necessarily a bad idea but it does not absolve the project as a whole from the responsibility of working correctly with the features its users need. However, as other people said, anger is misplaced in the open source world. Either fix it, or replace it with an alternative. For my occasional fiddling with Java, I use netbeans.

I am still looking for a nice IDE for python, but right now my projects are all small so vim cuts it correctly. I work in python, and I've never found anything that's better than the classic editors e. Some people seem happy with MonoDevelop and the python plugin, this is the next one I have to give a try. I have neither a highly favorably or lowly negative view of Eclipse.

It is a big project with a lot of hands in the jar and it is old too. The previous api was bad when I look at it now and try to use it, but the newer API is looking better. I guess those who tend to vocalize their opinion on this matter, or any, are going to often be from a very polar view of the matter.

I would really hope that the build plugin developers know their shit - it's kind of an important piece. Well, this is multithreaded application, it starts a thread to kill that thread. Canceling a thread is actually kind of a tricky problem if you want to do it cleanly. So it's not that big of a surprise that people kind of slack on that.

I switched to IntelliJ and honestly haven't looked back. It has nearly everything I need out of the box instead of needing tons of plugins , is substantially faster, less confusing, and stable. Plus it has better support for things like Gradle. This is what Jetbrains announced http: I think it's fairly new, I've only played around with it for a few minutes. That's probably at least half the problem.

Not that Eclipse doesn't regularly suck, but probably much less in Java than in a language where the grammar itself is undecidable. VS without Visual Assist, PowerCommands and Productivity Power Tools is little more than a glorified programmer's text editor with a nice debugger attached to it and bundled with an average compiler.

Visual Studio's background project loading also suffers from this syndrome. It's supposed to be a "background process" but it freezes the entire UI. I do all my work on KDevelop. Everyone says it crashes, but I've been using it for a couple of months now and haven't had it crash. I've had it use a shit-ton of memory, but all the heavy-weight IDEs do. Just a week or two ago I was getting pissed off with IntelliJ, because I want its indexer to ignore a specific folder that gets a lot of churn from external tools Unfortunately it seems the only recourse is to hide the folder entirely , which is a shame because I can't easily browse through the files in the IDE.

Actually, I believe that you can go into the project settings and declare that your directory is not a source folder. Looks ugly out of the box on Windows as well, but you can change the theme, it even ships with a pretty nice night theme, as well as a GTK wrapper theme. That's even more of a WTF. Eclipse is barely usable in Java. Maybe having an undecidable grammar for your programming language is a bad idea. If there's a syntax error as significant as mismatched braces, you can fall back to your last scan.

Sometimes people type brace pairs more than a few seconds apart. Clang based code completion works quite well. I wrote a simple plugin for sublime to do this, and sublime still runs as fast as ever. Even on larger projects. Well, Im not sure how it will intregrates into Package Control, since it requires compiling a library. Its still a work in progress it doesn;t have a settings file yet , but the github for it is here:. Because it thinks you're not doing anything.

Some versions of Windows will defrag your partitions when "idle". If you are a student, email them and tell them about it. Hope you weren't planning on doing anything for the next 5 minutes while it scans through the GAC, locking up the program. This might come across as snooty and I don't mean it to; people should use what is most effective for them , but I really can't stand IDEs in general.

I just use vim and the command line, but that also might be because I switch computers all the time and SSH into my dev computer all the time. Eclipse seems like one of the worst offenders to me though to be fair, it's been several years since I've used it. That is an excellent choice as well.

I use it for Python side projects now. The main reason I stick to Eclipse for Java is due to sheer familiarity of keyboard shortcuts. It is above and beyond eclipse in every way except perhaps for plugins available. Unless there is a political or technical reason to use eclipse, IntelliJ is my preferred choice. You could use a terminal application that supports tabs. I know Gnome terminal does.

There is also Tmux. I'm certainly not holding vim up as some ideal. It's sort of the "least bad" solution for me.

I can get an environment for it set up the way I like it really quickly by just checking out the environment from git. It is available on nearly every platform.

But yeah, I end up with eight instances of vim each with three files open at once in split pane and it gets unwieldy. No cross-referencing symbols, no refactoring, sometimes sketchy syntax highlighting etc. Plus, I work much more efficiently when I don't have to take my fingers off the home keys ever to use a pointing device.

I've come to find that I can't stand IDE's. It's far simpler to look at how multiple source files intertwine when they're all visible at once in the same screen, and far easier to set terminals up in this manner as compared to an IDE. I actually timed it once -- this isn't a joke -- it takes less time to start up Windows 7 under virtualization than it does to start Eclipse. Think about that statement I don't quite feel comfortable with not knowing what's going on "behind the scenes" in the IDEs.

Well, you'd at least need to step back down to vi before you can go all the way down to ed. I can also degrade to vi fairly painlessly like I have to sometimes on certain embedded systems. Same here, but with Sublime Text instead of vim.

I can't stand an unresponsive environment I've yet to see something with more features than Sublime Text that doesn't also have to think really hard at all the wrong moments.

Same here, but emacs. I'll even use vim rather than an IDE, though my vim skills are nothing to write home about. I'm actually surprised that it's indexing for that long. Our systems are pretty powerful and with large SSDs Yup frankly any dev should have an SSD, but alas that the not the reality. Lots of developers work on workstations with 2gb of ram and no SSD. It's just too aggressive with random things.

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