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Trading Hours. Electronic Spanish Stock Market Interconnection System (SIBE) Open: Opening Auction: From h to h: Market Open: From h to h: Closing Auction: From h to h: Fixing: Opening Auction: From h to h: First Auction: h: Second Auction: h (*) Closing Auction: From (*) The second auction price is the same that the closing.

This website makes use of cookies. Several tools can be a useful help for your investment decision, such as a yield calculator, apps for iPhone and Android, the open Xetra order book. To trade at Frankfurt Stock Exchange you need an account at your bank or online broker. Würde das der Wahrheit entsprechen, wären wir schon längst alle Multimillionäre.

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest of the seven stock exchanges in Germany. Deutsche Börse AG is (together with Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG) repository of the FWB, which is regulated by public law. In this capacity it ensures the smooth functioning of exchange trading.

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