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CFD Kontrakte werden automatisch gerollt. Es kann, soweit mir bekannt ist, keine 3rd Party Platform benutzt werden.


Values over indicate volume higher than the average, values under indicate volume lower than the average. Positions of significant size in the forex options market can have an influence on the underlying forex spot rate. FX Options strikes in large notional amounts, when close to the current spot level, can have a magnetic effect on spot prices.

That is, spot may trend around those strikes as the holders of the options will aggressively hedge the underlying delta. Red strikes indicate sizeable open interest close to the current forex spot rate. Large differences in implied quoted for option prices and historic realised, i. These charts show one month historic volatility versus the one month at-the-money volatility quoted by the market for option prices.

Risk reversals show the relative price difference between puts downside expectation and calls upside expectation. This chart illustrates the historic relationship between one month delta risk reversals versus the underlying spot rate. Positive values indicate calls valued higher than puts, negative values indicate puts valued higher than calls. Saxo Bank Group assume no liability for any loss arising from any investment based on a recommendation, forecast or other information supplied by any employee of Saxo Bank Group, third party, or otherwise.

The FX options for this account are similar to the interbank spreads. How secure are your funds if you trade with this account? It is probably something the trader should never worry about. The fact that the investment firm is under private ownership gives your funds another layer of protection. It is also under the regulatory bodies of other countries like the UK, Australia, and Japan.

Even, did you know that the bank is an associate of the Danish Guarantee Fund? What does that tell you? That the assets of the depositors and investors are secure should the bank become insolvent. The bank is also under the supervision of the Market in Financial Instruments Directive authority. It means that the bank has to comply with stringent requirements which means more security for the funds. Note that the deposit is for the Classic Account.

The other trading accounts also have their specified minimum deposits. What is the deal with spreads and commissions? The investment bank offers both fixed and variable and fixed spreads. The nature of the variable spreads is that they are constricted. These will range from about 0. For one to get the fixed spreads, they need to use a Volume Price Plan.

It is worth noting that the commissions, in this case, will also be volume-based. The leverage offered by this bank will surprise you as they are not like most of the ones used by other brokerage firms. The highest leverage you can get will be 1: Saxo Trader is an in-house trading platform developed by the bank.

It was established in The trader comes with both mobile, web and desktop platforms seeing that it has a wide array of financial products. The trading platforms undergo constant updates in a bid to provide the traders with the best trading experience. The performance of the platform is unmatched. With the platform, you can directly do mechanical indicators, pointers, and animate news. The platform also comes with analytical tools.

MetaTrader4 is also another platform you can trade on in the Saxo Bank trading accounts. MetaTrder4 is also a popular and renowned trading account. It also has a web, mobile and desktop platform allowing traders to make transactions at their convenience. The platform is not in-house and also comes free of charge. Trading on this platform is also automated bringing more convenience.

As a trader on this platform, you will also be getting trading signals. The trading platform is very flexible and suitable for traders with all levels of experience. Saxo has been honored with numerous awards over many years and offers practical, advanced customer service.

A look through Saxo Bank customer reviews and comments will help you get more information about the broker. Saxobank dead company without support team. In Saxobank doesn't exist support team, they doesn't answer on me emails.

It is SCAM broker. I am from central Europa, Slovakia. In 5 years I have not been able to outgrow Saxo Bank, and never even tried another broker because they are perfect brokers. They provide every trading instrument you will ever need and never manipulate the market prices. I also truly believe they are not a dealing desk broker because of their reputation and history. A recent study has showed that they are among the most popular brokers in the world, and I encourage anyone who may have suffered a bad experience to join them.

Maybe I sound like an advertiser but I just feel bad when I go through these reviews where people have been conned by their brokers. Give Saxo Bank a try and you won't regret it. I have had an account with them for about 2 years now, and after wasting most of my money on smaller brokers, I realize cheap is always expensive. Saxo Bank do not lie, they always have the best market prices and the spreads are still low, even lower than other STP brokers. Leverage is low, In the US it's They also have a good name and host many traders, including institutions, and have been in business for decades.

The way I see it, you can select that broker with high leverage and bonuses etc.

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