Marvel Characters Who Should Be In Netflix Phase 2

Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1, and Luke Cage season 1 are all available on Netflix. Iron Fist will premiere on March 17, The Defenders expected later in the year.

Still, want to see that.

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With The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix set the stage for a bigger, and even better, second phase, with more heroes, more villains and higher stakes.

Netflix phase 2 self. So we know that the defenders and punisher will be the end of "phase one" of marvel Netflix and we know so far that DD season 3 JJ season 2, Luke cage season 2 are definitely confirmed with punisher season 2 iron fist season 2 and defenders season 2 being highly likely and my question to you is what else would you want, what characters should get their own series who should play them etc like I really want a Norman Reedus Johnny Blaze ghost rider yes we have Robbie on AOS.

But I want the original Bike riding ghost rider back let me know some of your guys ideas. Moon Knight because his different personalities would make for interesting stories across multiple seasons. Elsa Bloodstone because she hunts all sorts of monsters, including vampires, and you could have Blade appear because everyone wants to see him. Moon knight is like my dream and I've been thinking they could do a midnight sons series with Elsa Bloodstone, Hellstorm Blade and ghost rider Blaze preferably but Reyes is great as well and that could be their defenders style event individual series building up to it hell I'd throw moon knight into that he deals with supernatural shit considering he got his gear from a moon god.

I don't really see it happening but i would love a street level Hawkeye show similar to the Matt Fraction series. Just a quaint little story about this regular dude who is just really good with a bow and arrow and somehow found himself on a team with the Earth's mightiest heroes, but now we're following his everyday life around his apartment complex in Bed-Stuy with guest appearences from Kate Bishop, Bobbi Morse, Pizza Dog and russian mobsters. There's just something really nice about everyday adventures by heroes who usually deal with way bigger threats.

Those were also some of my favorite Spider-Man stories. I would totally love a Netflix adaptation of Fraction's Hawkeye series too, and I think Jeremy Renner would be fucking hilarious in it But the way they've set up Hawkeye in the movies, it wouldn't work. MCU Hawkeye is about years too old and has too many family attachments. It'd just be weird for him to be hanging out in Bed-Stuy with Kate Bishop when his family is at the farm.

But goddamn Pizza Dog. The Hand now in ruins, Danny's mission has changed although the search for the mystical city of K'un-Lun and the threat of his best friend-turned-rival Davos loom large.

But in the final moments of The Defenders , we see that Matt isn't dead and buried beneath tons of rubble of course , but instead secretly recovering in the care of nuns, in a scene taken from Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli's seminal storyline "Born Again. Reunited with Claire, and seemingly reconciled with Jessica Jones following the events of her own series, Luke Cage has already eased back into his role as protector of Harlem; he's even asking questions about the activities of Mariah and Shades, who took over Cottonmouth's criminal empire.

Jessica, who's long resisted both the spotlight and the label of hero, reopens Alias Investigations in the final scenes of The Defenders , seemingly acknowledging that she has a role to play in a larger fight.

Marvel Netflix Phase 2: Who's Who and Who's New in Outsiders. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Pitting Punisher against Jigsaw who appeared in the Punisher: War Zone would make a lot of sense to give both a fresh start.

Likewise, Marvel is using Netflix to go darker, and there are very few characters darker than the Punisher! If you think of one, put it in the comments below. The first Deathlok was a dead soldier whose body was reanimated as a cyborg. Most of the others are human brains placed inside cyborg bodies.

Mike Peterson was a regular guy who volunteered for a Hydra experiment without knowing it was Hydra which gave him super-strength. Peterson was saved by S. However, he was captured by Hydra and given technological modifications including a prosthetic leg, laser-targeting eye, wrist-mounted rocket launcher, body armor, and the like.

He was freed from Hydra control by S. I expect him to join the Secret Warriors in AoS season 3. Peterson is not the first Deathlok in the MCU, however. The Deathlok Program goes back several decades, with S. In fact, the Fixer has been involved with just about every supervillain in the Marvel universe, including Doctor Doom, Baron Zemo, the Masters of Evil, and the Thunderbolts.

The one storyline I can find involving both the Fixer and Deathlok is when the Fixer mind-controlled the first Deathlok to force him to assassinate the President of the U. Additionally, Deathlok is a very violent and dark character, something which Agents of S. The character of Mike Peterson thus far has a very interesting story as he has been manipulated by Hydra to the point of losing his humanity and has now begun trying to redeem himself. The series could also work with the theme of fatherhood the same way that Ant-Man did, as Mike has a young son named Ace whom he has not seen since he went to work for S.

If Deathlok receives his own series, one concern I have is that he might be removed from Agents of S. The bigger argument I have against this plan concerns the villain and potential storyline that he may represent. If the storyline were Fixer mind-controlling Deathlok into assassinating the President, it would be a rehash of The Avengers when Hawkeye was mind-controlled by Loki , Iron Man 3 when Killian attempted to assassinate the President , Agents of S.

However, the storyline for this series could be entirely different; what do I know? Spider-Woman was probably originally created by Marvel as a way to prevent other comic companies from profiting off of the success of Spider-Man.

However, following her first appearance she actually gained a following and became a reasonably popular character, so much so that the Marvel is going to publish a new solo series for her as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel. Jessica Drew was born in London, but her family moved to Mount Wundagore in Transia when she was young. She is quickly captured by Hydra, which brainwashes her into becoming a sleeper agent to infiltrate S.

However, she is eventually recaptured by Hydra and reactivated as a double agent within S.

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