Der Landschaftspark Hoheward. Halde Hoheward, Halde Hoppenbruch • Drachenbrücke • Zeche Ewald • Ewaldsee. Während der Fahrt auf der A2 erblickt der Autofahrer zwischen dem Autobahnkreuz Recklinghausen und der Ausfahrt Herten große, seltsame Bögen, die .

Die nächsten Wohnwagen kommen bald Firmengeschichte in zwei Bänden. Pocket-sized calendar and general information book containing a wealth of important information from rank tab insignia to the runic alphabet.

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Aktuelle Informationen und Reportagen über kleine und große Omnibusse.

Aktuelle Nutzfahrzeuge in Europa: Historische Personenwagen in Europa: Aktuelle Personenwagen in Nordamerika: Historische Personenwagen in Nordamerika: Aktuelle Modelle in Ozeanien: Historische Modelle in Ozeanien: Aktuelle Modelle in Südamerika: Historische Modelle in Südamerika: Aktuelle Modelle in Afrika: Historische Modelle in Afrika: Aktuelle Modelle in Asien: Historische Modelle in Asien: Prototypen und Konzeptstudien weltweit: Ford Taunus 17M deLuxe P2 — Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. In anderen Projekten Commons. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Comes with damaged dust cover.

Details the advance of the Wehrmacht in the Ukraine and Crimean campaign. Has four pages of very old taped repairs owards rear of the book. Cover features an SS-mann wearing an early first style visor schirmutze holding an early SS Standarte. A photo documentary of the Reichspartietag Features the Italian dilplomatic visit to Germany with press released photos display photo of the extremely rare S.

Feldherrenhalle dagger in wear and Spain's Generalissmo Franco.. History of the Luftwaffe in photos and text. Cloth bound hard cover. This rare and unused chronical would be used as a photo album and diary. December , Double photos with eye lens case. Complete with outer slip case. Stereoscopic viewer with photo inventory of the Third Reich.. This book is a photo documentary and calendar of dates of the civil and military reawakening of Germany.

Von Medem, cloth bound hard cover. Wedel Cloth bound hard cover. Features photos of the reunification of Austria in This is the revised edition that excludes all references to Ernst Roehm. Otto Dietrich, , paper, cardboard cover. This chronical is mint. The chronical features, photographs, information on personality figures, sections of war photos and a section for personal photographs and family history.

An excellent example used by a soldier to chronical his military service Contains 32 pages with photos. Minor moisture staining on covers. Details Germany's recovery and rise following The history of the airship and their world travels.

Interesting phtos of life onboard. Second book in the two volume set detailing history and photographs of the German airships. Excellent condition and rare.. Details the Partietag rally with text and photos. This very rare book details the personalities and history of the SA.

This book is a hardcover and clothbound with gold leaf print on the brown cover. This rare book shows great close-ups of the SA hierarchy with their reproduced signatures - great for comparing signed SA documents. The binding is intact and the book is in overall excellent condition with minor aging to the pages. This book is very rare and a "must have" for any SA collector or collector of Third Reich books. This edition of Across Battlefields Forward!

Heinrich Himmler, known for meticulous devotion to bureaucratic detail, personally signed the "Reichsfuehrer SS" approval stamp to authorize the volume's inclusion in the library. An unblemished, striking example of the classic Himmler signature. This 10 inches x 14 inches leather presentation folio is unissued. The silver foil eagle displays excellent detail. The leather is supple and in overall excellent condition. The interior has blank pages but these appears faded signatures on some of the blank pages.

These two cloth covered hardbound books were mandated reading throughout the entire German public school system. Both are printed in the now archaic Sutterlin script. The books reinforce the anti-Semitic policies that were indoctrinated in the German population as a whole. The various illustrations are supported with printed propaganda on each page. The various illustrations show how Jews take advantage of good Germans by their control of employment, lending money, taking advantage of young German girls, etc.

The "Poison Mushroom" repeats the anti-Semitic propaganda message of how German society and racial purity are undermined by Jewish influence and control.

These extremely rare books were widely destroyed after the collapse of the Third Reich in May Offered only as a set. The catalog features the various edged weapons manufactured by WKC. The Reichskanzlei was designed by Albert Speer and the building stood as Speer's crowning achievement. The book features pages of photographs and text of the Fuhrer's office with furnishings, the Aryan artwork that adorned the offices, conference rooms and corridors.

Of further interest are architectural schematics of the building that are included. This hardbound work features the building that housed the office of Adolf Hitler and provided a physical statement of the National Socialists goal of building the "Thousand Year Reich". This German booklet describes the struggles and hardships endured by the German soldier on the Eastern Front and subsequent captivity in Soviet Russia.

The booklet describes the harsh living and combat conditions as depicted in text and illustrations. Of interest is that no swastikas are shown in the illustrations being a post German publication. This hardbound edition depicts Der Fuhrer's life in photographs taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann.

The various photos present Hitler as Germany's leader as the public and private man in various photos showing him working and with the German population and children. This book presented Hitler in the most popular and favorable light. This rare book was published in in Berlin commemorating the Reichsparteitag rally. The book depicts the Nurnberg Party pin on the cover. The book features text and photos of the various party leaders and events surrounding the NSDAP historic event.

This book is numbered. The book has pages of photos and texts. Holler Catalog of edged weapons. This catalog printed in presents the inventory of dress daggers, swords, and bayonets offered by the firm. This catalog is an excellent reference source and is in excellent to near mint condition having minor wear along the cover and page edges.

This cloth bound hard cover book is a work of propaganda art. The book features a stereo viewer for the armchair warriors and children back home. The book describes the triumph of the Reich over the western European nations in stereoscopic detail. It is amazing the detail that is brought forth when one inserts the photographs into viewer. There is wear to the cover and separation in the binding but I believe the collection of photographs is complete.

This version is definitely of higher quality than the more commonly seen hardbound version with a paper dust jacket. It is rare to find a complete, intact Third Reich Kalendar. This Kalendar features each month with a photograph of a Hitler Youth related subject. There is a very minor tape repair on the cover to prevent separation.

General information book with calendar. Pocket-sized calendar and general information book containing a wealth of important information from rank tab insignia to the runic alphabet. Pocket calendar for that contains general information at a glance. Pocket sized calendar with embossed Reichs Sports Assocaition eagle on black leather cover.

Contains calendar and general information. Clothbound containing dates, photos, general information and information for identifying enemy aircraft.

Loose hard paper cover. General information book and calendar. Luftschutz general information and calendar. Der Geist von Potsdam The spirit of Potsdam. Marz , Heft Mai Heft 20 Preis 40 Pf. Die Baumeisterdes Dritten Reiches Great photo report: Auch wo sie stehen, ist Front Even where they stand, is Front.

Deze,ber Heft 50, In Diesem Heft. Gibt es Uberhaupt den Golfstrom? Is there Anyway the Gulf Stream? Arabia Man Will not light on the Persian Gulf! Soldiers Of The Mountains, graszen frarbigen See the report in this booklet. November -AFL , Nr. Here is my name! Bomben Ohne Zahl Against England: Without bombs number S After victory ties the helmet tighter! Major Molders erzahlt sein Leben Today continued: Major Mölders erzählt sein Leben Begins in this issue: After the victory, the helmet will bind more tightly!

Robert Ley, Heft 9 3. Jahrgang, photograph material, pages. Robert Ley Heft 5 4. Robert Ley, Nazi magazine photograph material, pages. Illustrierte Deutsche Schulerzeitung, July , Help! Illustrierte Deutsche Schulerzeitung, January - Help! The magazine has had tape added to the fold in order to lend support. The art featuring the award presentation folders is excellent and makes for a fine period reference.

Volume 1 - 1st Edition, Volume 2 - 1st Edition, Volume 3 - 1st Edition, Volume 4 - 1st Edition, Volume 5 - 1st Edition, - Signed by author No damage to pages or bindings just some yellow aging to edges of pages in excellent minus condition.

For complete collection of the "Bible" of W-SS uniform and insignia collectors. A series that will not be reprinted! The files, photo, etc. Bowman, Guide to Identification, Reproduction Recognition and Value, , photograph material, pages. Angolia,, photograph material, pages. No photograph material just exclusive information on value. And their Values, 1st Edition, , Adrian Forman, photograph material.

And their Values 2nd edition , Adrian Forman, photograph material. And their Values, 3rd Edition, , Adrian Forman, photograph material. Angolia, , photograph material, pages. Angolia, photograph material, pages.

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