Andrew Hallam. I’m a financial columnist for Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail, as well as for AssetBuilder, a financial service firm based in Texas.

Jul 14th, at 4: Given the obesity epidemic in the and the exploding cost of health care you can be sure that sugar substitutes will be big business, and Stevia is the only natural, centuries-old traditional sweetener. I have been reading your blog and have been inspired by your story.

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Andrew Hallam. I’m a financial columnist for Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail, as well as for AssetBuilder, a financial service firm based in Texas.

They know that the System died in , they know that better than I know it, but it's very obvious when you look at what's going on, but we are inside of a massive money-standard shift, that's really what the crypto-currencies are all about, that's going to be the new money standard.

Samsel says this chemical should be banned, its production and use should be stopped and shut down lock, stock and barrel. In my region in Iberian Peninsula, many organic cultures are showing positive results to several chemicals, among them glyphosates. The farmers say they are not using that products and many do not have conventional farming near their fields. Those "guys" are spraying with the planes everything they have. Samsel on how glyphosate damages our digestive Enzymes all our animals have digestive problems even our wildlife btw: Monsanto knows darn well what they do.

Glyphosate inhibits our digestive enzymes, so our food cannot be processed properly, triggering a cascade of auto-immune responses. This is something Monsanto knew nothing about and did not take into account when checking glyphosate's safety using standard toxicology tests. Samsel maintains that there are no safe levels of glyphosate and its safety assessments need to include enzymology. HIs findings are pending publication and he is ready to inform EPA, FDA as well as his senators of this new finding on serious potential health risk associated in foods that contain glyphosate.

Great Anthony Samsel, he has to be aware of the fact that maybe he is in a dangerous situation, this evil poison is the jewel of the corporation. Worse than monsanto's evilness, only the weapons industry and the nuclear industry. I am astounded by the number of people I talk to that tell me they do not care about the future of the world as long as the collapse of our world happens after they are gone.

We are a selfish small minded species with no value. We have ruined a planet in the blink of an eye and most people seem perfectly happy about it as long as they can pursue their trivial desires.

If the average person cares less we stand no chance stopping the psychopaths running the world. Michel Chossudovsky, someone I appreciate and admire.

He has made an excellent start in the New Year for us to share. It is very heartening to see globalresearch. Hello, Dennie, that is just new for this year. Chussodovsky and Global Research have been at this for a while already, at least for a decade. Is it unreasonable or unthinkable to wonder if the power structures that perpetuated this crime against humanity might attempt to cover their tracks through nuclear warfare.

I hate to think this way. I'm not sure how to write what I need to get off my chest regarding two separate yet probably connected issues. Number one, I've waited patiently for anyone to write in here about their experience tending the Gem Faire Geo Engineeringwatch booth. Especially this last weekend and several other key weekends that have passed.

I am amazed at the lack of effort and the lack of networking to make sure the Gem Faire booth is tended each week. If Gem Faire was close to me and someone wanted to travel as far as I have 'and' they could not afford a hotel room, I know where they'd be staying and where they'd be eating, my place!

I have found it good for the soul to spend time with folks that are "friends I have now met". There is a great many of you folks that live close to the Gem Faire circuit. If you can't stand long, bring your favorite chair. If you're bashful, get over it. If you think you are not qualified, think again, you're reading these words aren't you?

Maybe you're busy the weekend of Gem Faire, "with what? Will that busyness still be going on when the earth can no longer support life? Issues of priority there.

Lastly on this note, tending the Gem Faire booth is as simple as introducing yourself to several awesome people and just plain going for it. My second point I want to get off my chest if this.

Several years ago, a rear window sized geoengineeringwatch. I recall several copy cats to having a rear window poster. Their act received so many kudo's it was heart warming. Now days when someone expends more money and has a larger impact, the column is silent. I know from experience, when folks here take the time to write a thank you to someone they've never met, it makes the efforts of the activist worth while.

It fills 'my' soul anyway. Not just speaking for myself there. I'm so proud when someones efforts are recognized and commended.

If a person repeats acts of activism, we must all repeat acts of compliments. It's the only way "our" ship will stay afloat. Never am I without a last word, or in this case a good tune.

I post this tune periodically. You will not catch me saying, "I should have done something". It brings a smile every time I read of someones awakening. May you all fortify your discoveries with the pursuit of truth. Never force dots to connect. Even Cheech and Chong could figure out that if it smells like dog shit, it's probably dog shit.

Seriously here, I hope you all are never faced with the question, "what could you have done? I believe she worked the booth for two days in Santa Rosa a couple of weeks ago. I get what your saying though Mike. Keep pushing Mike, your a great recruiter. In fact I was the first person to write in here about attending the Geoengineeringwatch booth and meeting the public. Just wanted to let you know, I heard the Gem Faire booth was tended by 5 caring individuals on Saturday, and my friend, Brian was there on Sunday and reported that he received lots of positive feedback and they were able to distribute many materials.

I am not sure if you have met James yet a manger at the Gem Faire , but oftentimes, he will tend the booth as well. Thanks so much for all that you are doing, keep up the great work!

Hello 'a' simple horseman: Your comments rather haunted me most of the day. It's like magic, only it's negative magic….

Check the video out some time. Hi Dane, Hope you are well. I have a link or two I was going to post. As you watch the drilling areas , you can zoom in to see them they look like ant hills , on the ROSE map you will also notice the earth quakes concentrated in those ares where millions of gallons of water and the chemicals you talked about are being used in the fracking process.

Also on ROSE map you will see the latest nuclear incidents and warnings in the same locations as always. Hope its okay to post these. Your site has so much info I haven't gotten through it maybe its already in there somewhere. Take care , Harry. It is very interesting mentioning black fungus, I am noticing in the past months that the trunks the bark of the Trees are getting darker and darker, is getting worse every season, all Trees! The Black fungus reminds me of an event 2 or 3 years ago when it rained a weird black "goo" on us.

The cars and the gardens all covered in a sticky tar-like substance. Everyone became ill after that. The cats were really sick after chewing the grass. Where are you located? When did you notice this last? How often does this happen? Molds and bacteria are morphing simply to stay alive.

Further links and information excerpted from the above web site: Russian scientists report that EMR induces growth in a certain yeast strain. A completely different study shows a similar relationship between this strain and EMR. Cerevisiae Cells in Microcolonies. It gets even nastier.

Review the effects of runaway mold growth on the damaged Deutsche Bank Building in the aftermath of the September 11, "terrorist" incident. The building was eventually scrapped — but for other reasons. Then listen again with others while cooking later on Saturday or on Sunday. Gathers everyone into the Kitchen! La, La, La, Lazy. China plans floating nuclear power plants by — RT Business News. You'll love this, Paul V. The Chinese get the plans for the floating nuclear plants from the Russians, who plan to use them to power their offshore oil rigs.

Just imagine where all that 'hot' waste will go. In a circular dance with death, Putin is hoping to extract gas from the thawing methane hydrates. While the article is written from a very smug 'Murikan' point of view. Thank you for the article from oilprice. It is a central policy governing arms exports since and has not been fully revamped in more than three decades.

This expanded government effort on behalf of American arms makers, together with looser restrictions on weapons exports and more favorable treatment of sales to non-NATO allies and partners, could bring additional billions of dollars in deals and more jobs, a senior U.

Its really out of hand how much Alabama is sprayed. We keep battling on! Another interesting sequence of events here in southern CA. I believe all of these events are triggered by Weather Engineering ops. Media reports still insist record low temps and cyclobomb insanity on East Coast "due to climate change" Damned idiots.

Hot damn, two publications down on the books. I am sooo proud. I'm well aware of the effort it takes to produce such an act in print. I know that in the Burns household, Geo engineering is a dinner table topic.

It will take us all, each in our own small, medium or large ways to stop this madness called Geo engineering. I think Dane does not stress the fact enough that, "if we expose and halt Geo engineering", "the rest of the house of cards will come tumbling down".

Don't know about you folks, but that very thought keeps me focused on "first things first". Least we not forget, Mother nature is still in charge here. It may not suit our needs, but it will still be "nature". Hi everyone, I decided to take a little break from researching all the insanity in this world by watching a nice family movie with my wife. It was "Boss Baby" an animated movie that was actually pretty amusing and fairly well done.

It's discouraging and a little disheartening to be aware of the massive amount of programming that the American people are being subjected to by these satanists…. When it comes to modern animation, and the depiction of the Solar Radiation Management SRM "cloud" trails, I've often wondered if the animators that insert those "clouds" are doing it on purpose ordered to insert them , or are doing it out if ignorance. It could be one or the other, or a combination of both. I was born in the mid's, and due to the nature of my parents' business, we traveled a lot.

I have always been an observer as far back as I can remember. Even when I ws really little, I can remember looking at my toys, and studying them; contemplating how they were made, what the components were in them, etc.

For a majority of travel, growing up, we used to fly. Wherever we went, I used to watch the skies all the time and observe aircraft. They looked like little white specs. In the same regard, I also remember some planes had trails behind them that would dissipate rather quickly, while others would stretch out further behind and linger a bit longer.

Once the planes started flying again, I remember for weeks and months afterwards, the sunsets were almost consistently obscured by lines and trails, almost like someone had taken a marker and made crosshatches all over the sky. My family had purchased our first digital camera in the summer of , and I took hundreds of photos of those sunsets, at all different times of the year, because I thought it was neat that the planes were flying again, and the sunsets were so "pretty" knowing that the planes were flying again and things were getting back to normal.

Looking back, I can't remember seeing any sunsets like that in the 's. Two planes, taking out three buildings, at the time, made perfect sense, or so I thought. At the same time, I came across articles talking about "chemtrails. In the early 's, I was still observing the sky, as I had done growing up. This happened day-in and day-out. This happened almost consistently, no matter where I traveled. At the same time, I couldn't figure out why I almost never saw caterpillars, butterflies, snails, slugs, and fireflies, anymore.

I thought that it could be because of the suburban and urban environments, depending on where I went in Chicago, but then would remember, that I saw them all the time growing up, and the houses, buildings, etc. Why did they disappear, now? He explained everything logically and as a matter-of-fact, and mentioned his website, geoengineeringwatch. I realized why the insect populations were dwindling. I understood why each summer, in recent years leading up to first hearing from Dane, and continuing to this day, we were getting more violent thunderstorms with regularity, and our temperatures each summer were not as warm as in the 's.

I realized why I hardly ever saw any puffy clouds, anymore. The list goes on, endlessly. In that comment, I mentioned that this past summer was the first time that I had noticed an extreme lack of ants. By extreme, I mean creepy, as in, "where are they?! On my walk, I stared at the ground and counted the number of ants I saw, in that round trip. It was exactly eight. I did that same walk on a few more days and did the same thing.

The highest I ever got was about We used to have ant nests and holes on the patio and in the gardens, where you could see they removed the sand from between the bricks and stones. It was like coming upon a lost Mayan civilization in Mexico.

You can see obvious evidence that people had constructed these temples, structures, and roads, but where are all the people? Where did they go? Every other day, they sprayed the crap out of us and kept us cool in June, July, and much of August.

We also got freakishly-warm temperatures into the fall, and I kid-you-not, they are currently forecasting us as having snow on Thursday, with a high that same day of 53 degrees. Yesterday, they forecast snow all day long, and all we got was some sporadic rain droplets throughout the day. The weekly forecast will change thirty-eleven times, but so many remain oblivious to it. Each summer, we would regularly get thunderstorms each week, with extremely violent ones occurring once or twice every few years.

Now, each summer, we regularly get thunderstorms that have 70 mph to 90 mph wind gusts and torrential rain. This is far from normal. Or again, a combination of both. I consider myself to have grown up in the transition-time of the weather warfare we are experiencing.

Being told to add them is a whole other rabbit hole. The same thing applies to those born older, as we keep hearing and experiencing when trying to enlighten people to geoengineering, but pressing on and trying to inform and educate is better than doing nothing at all.

Doing nothing will lead to certain destruction, but at least trying to do something gives us a change to change the course, or to at least die fighting. I like the comedy classics from the 40's and 50's. Prairie Explorer, I have a daughter a little older than you and I really appreciate that she and you and hopefully many others of your generation can see the reality of our geoengineered skies.

Most people your age are so addicted to their smartphones that they seldom if ever take the time to notice our changing skies and unnatural weather.

Smart phones have increased anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation among our hopelessly iphone addicted youth. The forecast calls for possible snow or rain this weekend with temps around 35 above zero F. I am simply trying to make every hour of every day count, time is not on our side. We need east coast presentations Dane. ZeroHedge is a bohemoth Economics blog. An independent poster Globalintelhub has posted a geoengineering Alert over there that has really heated up the wires in the comments section.

A full 90 percent plus of the comments are pro Geoengineering which is a very radical about face on such a huge public forum that has prided itself on being so anti weather and climate change in the past. You could just sense the explosive pent up anger in so many of the posters. Call it even a coming out of the closet. The tide is turning and I believe turning very fast. Get ready for a huge public outcry!

I forgot to add that there were many links to Geoengineeringwatch. The author, "globalintelhub," first treats us to the reality of geoengineering, telling us all outright that weather warfare is here to stay and rubs his sticky hands together at the end of the story with the "moral" that since we can't beat 'em, might as well invest in the evil bastards' spraying schemes.

Give your money over to Ray-Theon! Well, yeah— either way, if you know what I'm saying ;-. Drone-propelled spray jets, drone-generated troll commentary. There is an article about how Cape Town, South Africa is heading to running out of drinkable water by late-April of this year: One thing that stood our to me in the comments section was what two people were saying sorry for the typos, I'm just copying and pasting what they said.

One said "I thought they could cloud seed ,make rain make it sunny,snowy etc. Also, further down in the comments, people are still trying to have a dialogue and educate the person that said "droughts would be a thing of the past.

If it is, that makes me wonder, then, if ZeroHedge is a somewhat-controlled opposition news and information organization. You got it— "AB C. Ruppert's magnum opus, Crossing the Rubicon: You can probably find a copy in your local public library. I did the flame on a snowball experiment. The end result was a snowball that did not melt but turned black. The tree population is Washington state looks to be sick and dying.

I have contacted the Washington State department of Agriculture and sent them numerous pictures of trees in different areas. My hope is they would do a full investigation and uncover climate engineering. They responded that their staff scientists and entomologists looked at some the photos and every thing looks fine. Are they really clueless of Geoengineering and the effects on the environment or they instructed not to say anything? Either possibility is sad! In the past, if I remember right, the spiders inside your house tended to increase in the fall and winter months.

It seems as if a creepy crawler was quite frequently scaling the walls and ceilings. Now I hardly see any. Driving on the freeway in the summer was a guaranteed recipe for insect splats across your windshield.

I can't remember the last time I had multiple splats on my car! I will keep sharing your information and try to get the people awake to the aerial chemical assault in our skies. Jason, I hope you will contact Kathy and Larry and join forces with them. They too live in the "Seattle area". There is so much I am trying to do but as Simple Horseman stated the act it takes is money.

I have another project with this same news agency, so grateful for the Editor who has stated he is more than willing to help me place these ADS despite the opposition he has received that will reach 53, subscribers in Federal way, Kent, Auburn, Puyallup!

This one I cannot do straight out of pocket as I did the others. Imagine if ALL who are awake in this State alone pooled together. I also have a Billboard contact in place with Lamar along the I-5 corridor but again.. Those I met at Gem Faire last November who "volunteered" to get a group going….

Who will join us? Chinese breakthrough could lead to global energy revolution. The RT article on flammable ice is still there— freaky, huh? How many more insane ideas will we see before environmental collapse starts to plant it's heavy-heeled boot on the collective neck of humanity, and press with all it's heavy might—?? I've already forwarded your video to several people. Great work and observations. In the larger scheme of things, football hardly matters.

But to anybody paying attention, the attempt to normalize geoengineering is overt, blatant and disgusting. The NFL is complicit in the crime. Look no further than the Pro Bowl logo. My jaw dropped when I first saw it. I had to rewind again and again to confirm what my eyes were telling me: Most people might be fooled into believing these are just cool graphics.

Watch a tease for the upcoming game and you'll see the planes "enhancing" the logo in real time, jets leaving trails from the bottom of the screen to top.

Even stilled to a screen shot, you can see the lines and their true intentions. Added to the constant over-the-top praise for the military and macho pro-America patriotism, it becomes nauseating. Thank you to all who are here with me in spirit. I am not alone in this ongoing nightmare. You save my sanity some days. I read every single comment and continue to learn from each one, whether I comment or not.

Sometimes, I just have no words. Was reading this article about chaos at JFK Airport from the storm and lo and behold look at the photo of the snow and the planes. Look at the geoengineering lines in the sky above! I wonder who's causing all the misery. I used to go to Crystal Beach when I was a child. I loved the rides there. The sad thing is that the sky was never looking like milk. The Massave spraying that has been going on since the late 80's has hurt everything around here.

The soil ph has went way up. We have to add lots of lime to get the acid right. Trees are stressed because of aluminum contamination. I tell friends to research, and I'll show them some patents on Geoengineering. Small farmers like myself know what there spraying.. If you have time, look at rain water in a microscope. You will not like to get wet in the rain after that. I start people off with Aersol Crimes, by Clifford Carnicom.

Isn't it amazing how we can have Clouds all day, then, after that plague of a Sunset is through…Those Clouds disappear! Stars throughout the night, then at dawn, there they are again! Are they saving some of Our money? No Sun to block? Nobody up to Poison? I'm over in Chicago, and they have been spraying the heck out of us this winter. Soooo, after we bring the weather criminals to trial and convict them , and we will , what should we do with them.

Jails, institutions or death? And if they don't make it, so what? It is not important what we "do" with the weather criminals once they are neutralized. Ok I agree to some extent. I was being a little facetious. Hello, Tom, it is important to remember and consider that ALL empires eventually fail, and collapse.

Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward in this battle because it gives us the opportunity to stop the climate engineering insanity from the inside out. I just wanted to say thank you, I have been seeing your numerous comments in SF Gate articles trying to wake people up, thank you for your persistence. As another person stated, we can post comments in mainstream media articles when the opportunity arises, although we may get censored, we would be reaching out to people who aren't aware yet.

Thanks so much to all who are taking action, and Steve, hope to see you at the next Gem Faire! Paul, Mr Vonharnish, Thank you, sincerely. You bring up an extremely good point. Myself, I think there is to much energy expended on how to punish the perpetrators 'and' not enough expended on what to do after we get this Geo engineering stuff halted.

Stop Geo engineering and who cares what happens to those that were the root of the cause. Honestly, I don't think it's within man kinds realm to pass said "judgments". Bottom line, "this shits gotta stop! Why dangle a noose at the end of the road? Just maybe, what's good for the perpetrators is good for the whistle blowers. Would you allow it? They all have a story to tell. Step up, we have a planet to save… Nothing else matters at this point! I know who will be the final Judge of theirs. And to the Persons that have Cloacked the Evil ones behind the curtain that has now become very sheer.

That such a scenario is plausible to public figures such as Ralph Nader is a sign of the deep decay of democratic institutions. The two major political parties lack a coherent vision. They are subservient to corporate power. They have abandoned the common good. They have turned politics into burlesque. They have rendered the citizenry impotent.

The press, especially the electronic press, has transformed news into a grotesque reality show filled with trivia, gossip and conjecture. The elites in both parties, along with the rich and corporations, profit from a naked kleptocracy. Everything is for sale, from public lands to public education. And the juggernaut of corporate power impoverishes the people as it willfully destroys the facade of the hollowed-out democratic state.

Thanks for this contribution Joseph. Our last election — didn't vote at all. I discovered this article while browsing the Colorado Independent. It explains how weather modification will help in times of drought.

The most telling part of the article comes towards the end: All now help fund cloud seeding in Colorado. DRI is well aware of this fact, but will not admit to the geoengineering insanity which they are paid to cover up.

FYI link attached the explains in more detail the facts that I just covered: Thank you very much, Dane! Why haven't they come to their rescue if they are out to use these spray programs to help States in need of moisture? They decide where California's Rain falls in North America. The cat may be getting out of the bag, Zero Hedge has a fairly accurate article that links to this site.

War, economics, politics, health etc. When, oh when, will we see any of Tesla's technologies? Fracking is the worst of the worst of energy development, yet, some in the know, still think we need it to be "energy independent" and fracking will do that. I hate that phrase. We don't need steel electrical lines strung on poles or gas lines underground, or even hydro electric plants, when Tesla proved free energy devices work!

And Jeff Sessions is a national disgrace. If our government starts testing everyone for marijuana who goes to a doctor, we are in for a truly scary time in America. But, Sessions profits from his prison stocks. Sounds just about par for the course. Preventing immediate rebellion from populations that discover they have been subjected to a grand and lethal experiment from which there is no return without their knowledge or consent. Delaying the panic of populations that will occur the moment they fully understand the severity and immediacy of what is unfolding biosphere collapse.

Climate engineering is the epitome of human hubris and insanity, exposing it and halting it must be our top priority. I just thought a few days ago, that the increasing rate of dementia in populations due to geoengineering, might come handy as this disease doesn't allow for clarity and action any longer.

I will order a set of the brochures and place some of them into those 'small library' boxes in the hopes people will read and return them, or at least pass them on. Yesterday's complete and dense above-cloud white out with halo around the sun as long as she was visible, in San Diego makes it even clearer that it's high time people learn to see and talk. I just wonder how would our world look like if there was NO geoengineering???

The fact that our atmosphere now carries huge amount of foreign matter, which would otherwise never be there if it was not thanks to geoengineering, must have more essential reasons than 'just' blocking the sun. It is sure, if people would open their eyes and start finally understand what is going on, they would rebel. And if so, Why to kill us all so slowly?? SORRY, the drama of our situation is so tragic, that it makes my statements almost absurd!!

Thank You Dane once again. The attached link will give more details on what may unfold once climate engineerng is finally fully exposed and halted. It is far more profitable. If we are all dead or healthy, they would be out of business. Senior executives from the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex were in attendance. This mingling of defense contractors, scientists and policy-makers was not intended to commemorate Hiroshima. Helen Caldicott on the situation with the reactors at Fukushima: The People in Charge of the U.

The Year in Review: Dennie you bring alot on your posts as do so many others too. Organic food cannot be organic now with what's raining down on us.. I can not watch the weather news now you know it's false the weather has been awful the air is so thick smell!!! Then why did Atkins die of heart disease?

The story that Atkins died of heart disease is a mainstream media myth. He died o complications from a fall in which he took a severe blow to the head. The myth originates in the fact that when he was in the hospital he gain an extreme amount of water weight, which can be a sign of heart failure. An autopspy reportedly showed his arteries were clean. Now if you put the green and veggies at the top of that list and the meats, chicken and fish lower down, you might be well on your way to a healthy, feeling good, lower blood pressure etc.

That presumes being physically active, not bed-bound or wheelchair-bound. Yes, some tastes need to be acquired. She got me drinking my tea without any sweetener of any kind. Hand me a glass of tea now with even a tiny bit of sugar in it and I find it disgusting. I have been using lite organic agave. No one ever comments on this product. Can i get some input please. My grand kids love it too. I live agave for smoothies and as sugar. The problem with using stevia to cook with is the conversion.

The website should read: A good site,, but beware. Joe Mercola is an alarmist. The FDA concerns about the soaring health care costs associated with excessive consumption of sugar will drive significant change. Numerous scientific reports point to growth in the artificial sweetener market over the next three years. What concerns Pepsi and Coke most is the coming war against obesity and compliance with new FDA rulings concerning the labeling of nutritional values on vending machines.

Our tastebuds seem to be smarter than we could ever have imagined. Hype on this Stevia producer reminds me of that put out by Tesla car owners who claim that Tesla Corp. Walter White used stevia as a base to poison Lydia — this stock will use it to poison your portfolio. Patent X with no results? As do the other more substantial agribusiness companies, like Cargill, who are also trying to build stevia extracts into a big business.

PureCircle in various forms and in various countries owns patents. They all seem related to stevia and the methods of processing or the combination with other food stuffs.

Of course owning a patent on a process only protects that process and there is always some chemist coming up with a more efficient process for production of the same or better result. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble, buyer beware, investor take care! Not a big seller-written for a niche market.

I sure appreciate stock gumshoe looking this up. Of course I really wanted it to be somethingl. You can find the patent here: Not all Stevias are created equal. A company that sells pure Stevia where the leaf has been liquified without going through a chemical process is Omica Organics. I get no financial, or other type, of remuneration from Omica, nor am I associated with them in any way other than in purchasing their Stevia.

Coffee tastes good — choose your bean. Tea tastes good — choose your leaf. Just for information,stevia was discovered in Paraguay in by the Swiss botanist Moises Santiago Bertoni. In the glucosides conferring the sweetness were isolated by 2 French chemists with the basic structure being published in I am unsure of what patents the companies mentioned in the newsletter hold,I can only assume that it involves extraction methods of the active glucoside or a method to prepare it synthetically.

Stevia has been used as a sweetener in Paraguay for many years as my paraguayan wife can testify. When I watched the video, I thought he was doing cocaine right in front of everyone cause he looked flushed after drinking that thing. I am not sure I want to be drinking sugar in water though. Your Ruby-A piece has finally convinced me to join your paying readers.

Stevia could be big if sugar is vilified like tobacco.. Does anyone have an idea of the margins? Firstly, there is nothing on the FDA website marveling about this miracle. Draw your own conclusions boys and girls. Take all the time you need.

If all those chemicals and sugar that find their way into our bodies are such terrible poisons WHY is it that life expectancy is now over 75 years for both women AND men in the united states!!!??? Most of my sweetness intake is fruit,fresh. Watch the dried fruit, though.

It sticks to the teeth and is concentrated sugar, so can cause tooth decay. Take scientific proof which the Govt spend plenty of time on but it seems to be fair to say they could cut scams off sooner! Scams get a lot of looples, stop the fakes sooner!!!!!!!!!!! We many offers of penny stocks now a days. Which one to trust or which not! It will grow I heard. Palantir is still a private company. The patent number is pure fiction. First, that format starting with a year like is not for patents, its for patent applications.

Patent applications are worthless until they become actual patents. The company does have a lot of patent applications but the number of them has tapered off more recently. To whom it may concern. An X was added in order to mislead us.

Way to go, keep on movin! We switched to coconut from almond, kidney stones run in the family and almonds are known to encourage them. On the matters of health I would say that lef. It sounds like an application number so I searched there, with and without the X. Did anyone else search? January 29, at Sugar is worse than tobacco — more people consume it, and in much higher quantities, and it causes dozens of diseases compared to just one for cigarettes.

Given the obesity epidemic in the and the exploding cost of health care you can be sure that sugar substitutes will be big business, and Stevia is the only natural, centuries-old traditional sweetener. Part of the reason is the Verghese connection. I drink tea without any sweetener. As a matter of fact, here is my formula.

Microwave a cup of water 1 min. Then add a tea spoon of regular instant coffee. No sweetener of any kind. Irregulars Quick Take Paid members get a quick summary of the stocks teased and our thoughts here.

Join as a Stock Gumshoe Irregular today already a member? Click here to subscribe to this comment thread. January 28, 2: January 29, February 2, 6: February 8, 4: February 11, 3: May 16, 7: February 1, February 9, 9: March 28, 7: Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe.

March 28, 9: January 28, 4: January 28, 7: FYI — Here are 2 recently issued patents with patent numbers similar to the one reported in the teaser X only the last 3 numbers have been transposed. The first also has Coca-Cola as an assignee: Methods of preparing highly purified steviol glycosides, particularly rebaudiosides A, D and M are described. The methods include utilizing recombinant microorganisms for converting various staring compositions to target steviol glycosides.

May 3, 5: January 28, 3: Rusty Brown in Canada. January 31, 9: April 7, 4: May 14, 9: April 7, Williams article with considerable interest and just returned from lunch with my first cup of herbal tea sweetened with Stevia at my desk as I accessed the review by Travis. Just prior, before I even had a chance to take my first sip, I had a call from the dietitian at the hospital where I was diagnosed with diabetes, on behalf of the kidney specialist as followup to my latest checkup since being discharged from the hospital.

Their concern was my too high level of phosphorus and she suggested some dietary changes to reduce it. January 28, 9: Quitting sugar is a big step in improving the diet, certainly, but unfortunately there is more to it that that: That leaves the classic low-carb diet of steak, fish, chicken, pork, lobster, scallops, green veggies, ribs, shrimp, eggs, bacon, salad etc.

February 2, 7: My mother lived 3 months past and never worried a whole lot about her diet, although she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes late in life, and had high blood pressure to boot. I myself am 84, and am now pretty picky about diet, but I still consume plenty of sugar; however my weight is and the MD tells me my BP is consistently over 70 to 80 and no diabetes.

So I have to chalk up all this fortuitous good health to genes. He died from a head injury following a fall on ice!

February 18, May 14, Atkins followed his own diet!!! Genetics has less than nothing to do with disease. What you eat is a lifestyle that you learn from your parents, that they learned from their parents — ad nauseum.

ALL disease comes from eating a highly acidic diet — below 7. The human body was never intended to eat so much meat as the American diet recommends. The size of a steak that the typical American eats in one sitting would feed five people in Europe. The human body thrives on a diet between 7. August 16, 9: February 9, March 14, 9: Myron It has been found that the native diet ,as diverse as it is , for just about every population group on earth allows them to function well and be healthy.

Thus there is really no one panacea diet. White rice ingestion is almost like eating sugar. Sugar and alcohol which for our purpose here may be thought of as highly concentrated essence of sugar ,both enter the blood stream rapidly and normally call for a large insulin response to use all that energy for fight or flight.

February 1, 3: March 7, We have been using Stevia for years as my daughter cannot have sugar so we switched over fifteen years ago from sugar because of it. Our preferred brand is SweetLeaf part of Wisdom Brands and I agree with many of the comments above in that it does take a little to get used to the taste. AT the same time I have gotten to the point that I now actually prefer it to the taste of sugar in many things. January 29, 3: January 30, 5: January 31, 5: Agave surup is also just sugar.

It is almost all fructose and fructose is somewhat sweeter than glucose. Sucrose consists of the fructose and glucose molecules joined. Fructose is metabolized in the liver in a very similar way to alcohol using nearly the same biochemical pathways. The end product is fatty acids that are stored in the liver as fat. Fructose high fructose corn surup in soft drinks mimic alcohol in causing fatty liver disease which is becoming an epidemic in the developed world. Large amounts as in HFCS also are implicated in the development of kidney diseass.

January 28, 5: January 28, 8: I have been following the Stevia market for a few years. If anything, makes me more inclined to re-visit Cargill. January 28, 6: The Gumshoe is Always enlightening.

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