Braunschweiger Land

Wals-Siezenheim , a common municipality with about 12, inhabitants, is known as 'Austria's largest village'.

No Land for Living

But cultivable land is scarce. The award of land rights to foreign investors is to blame - and the civil war. Ry Sarum once possessed six hectares of land. From this, he and his family could live well. One day, a large agricultural company came and asked him whether he wanted to sell his land.

Despite his refusal, a few days later his crops were cleared. His complaint was not heard by the authorities. Instead, they told him that the land no longer belonged to him. And this is not an isolated case: In his village at the same time a further 29 families lost their fields. Meanwhile, one in every five households in Cambodia no longer has any land of its own from which people could live off its harvests.

The blame here lies with the award of concessions and legal contracts, which go to private agricultural companies on a large scale. Where forests and villages once were, rubber now grows, one of Cambodia's main export goods. If it comes to a dispute over land, the NGO provides the relevant legal assistance. What protects against land grabbing are documents proving that the land belongs to the family.

A land title is far too expensive, however, for a simple farmer. In the north west of the country, people are faced with another very different problem: The province of Oddar Meanchey is particularly characterised by the long-term effects of the decades-long civil war - and these are hidden in the soil.

They are gossiping, having a good time while playing. The woman gets closer and watches them. She caresses their heads gently, making them lose their attention on the game. Then she takes a pawn from the game and runs across the dunes with her arms raised.

While she runs, we see other versions of herself, at earlier stages in her journey; her other selves all glance at her. The film's final image is of the woman running down the beach, leaving her footprints behind her. The chess game shown at the beginning and the end is Anderssen - Kieseritzky, proclaimed as the Immortal Game. The scenes of Deren on the beach, and of the chess games are referenced in the music video for the band Garbage 's single " Blood for Poppies ". Edit Read in another language At Land.

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