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Anyone not enough to remember those days is allowed to invoke the "I wasn't there" clause, although all bets are off if a more recent movie set in the '70s is on TV. He kicked the ball out Circle the Texas Bowl on Dec. Defensively, he struggled in centrefield , while Rios, at least by one measure, played the position superbly when circumstances dictated he move over from right. Corey Maggette 's three-pointer tied it.

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Acadia, of course, is a far cry from the team that ended Carleton's five-year title run in March. Les Berry is out as coach, shutdown post defender Achuil Lual graduated and they also lost Paolo Santana and Andrew Kraus , among others. The schedule is set up in home of having a Carleton-St.

Francis Xavier or Carleton-Saint Mary's championship game. FX would be a good one. Aaron Doornekamp would also be sharing the paint with the explosive Islam Luiz de Toledo. A game in January ultimately doesn't decide anything, but if this matchup comes off, it will be one that gets recalled around Final 8 time.

Posted by sager at 7: Scoreboard confessional; sports movies not to be given as gifts. Rogers Sportsnet's Ian Mendes has been known to write something in hope some rube would take the bait.

When Mendes says he's never seen Slap Shot , you don't go on the attack. This might seem like some sports nut equivalent to admitting you did not care for The Godfather , but Mendes is on to something and it's only right to try to capture the spirit of the thing. Perhaps this could even work as a gift-buying guide -- five so-called sport movie classics that you should not buy on DVD or Blu-Ray for anyone, under any circumstances.

Every time a media outlet such as Entertainment Weekly puts together a list of best sports movies , they pop up like distant relatives at Christmastime, but they are not worth seeing any more than times. A nice piece of popular schlock such as Major League , or Remember The Titans , cannot be on this list.

Their shortcomings are more obvious, and it would be hypocritical to list them. There's a difference between overrated and being both overrated and bad. All five of these are ranked in Randy Williams ' excellent book Sports Cinema.

Rankings are in parentheses. Kinsella 's novel, the source material, was a wonderful piece of fluff, but the film adaptation basically imparts that any obstacle can be overcome with a bunch of easy cliches and that Boomers know what's best for everyone, just ask them. The scene where Annie Amy Madigan silences a bunch of townfolk at a meeting is a dead giveaway of the latter; she does it way too easily, because anyone from a small town is obviously too stupid to come up with a counter-argument.

How about depicting Shoeless Joe Jackson as a lefty- throwing , righty- hitting ballplayer? How about the fact that none of the dead baseball greats mentioned in the movie include Josh Gibson or any of the Negro Leagues stars who were denied a chance to play in the maors?

Besides, the Black Sox story was told much better in Eight Men Out , which came out one year earlier, and you can't have too many Kevin Costner movies in your library. Thankfully, the second count relieves you of any any obligation to see either film, which means I am off the hook.

Wonder Boys , Pleasantville. The Big Lebowski , Fat City. Scratch these both off your to-see list. Anyone not enough to remember those days is allowed to invoke the "I wasn't there" clause, although all bets are off if a more recent movie set in the '70s is on TV. The movie revolves around a Little League team with a female pitcher and players of mixed racial backgrounds.

That might have been grist for some sharp social commentary in the mids, but to anyone born after Bad New Bears came out, it just seemed dated, especially if you grew up playing boys hockey and always having at least one girl on your team, and having friends of mixed races. Not only that, but in modern eyes, Walter Matthau 's character drinking beer in front of his young players isn't funny.

It's child abuse, and it reminds us that political correctness isn't all bad. Stick this back in the time capsule. It all started with Jerry Maguire. Somehow, the average guy got duped into liking -- and quoting ad nauseam -- a movie where the hero dumps Kelly Preston for a single mother played by the actress who later played Bridget Jones. Not only that, but he jilted Kelly Preston with red hair , at a time when comedy chedderheads were in -- Julianne Moore , Heather Graham , Lauren Holly.

It's clear now that what happened. Someone put a bug in Cameron Crowe 's ear and told him he had to make an even-up call after getting carried away with the male fantasy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and in Say Anything.

Thank god for Almost Famous. You had to be there. Bill Simmons no doubt covered this off years ago, but the subplot with Dennis Hopper as the alcoholic assistant coach is tacked on. Gene Hackman 's propensity for being a one-note actor is omnipresent. The killjoy female character played by Barbara Hershey , who was probably right when she refused to do any publicity for the movie is a sexist stereotype.

It works, all right, and you'll get the chill bumps when the Hickory Huskers knock off South Bend Central, but it's a paint-by-numbers movie that's saved by its uplifting musical score and cinematography. It has its authentic moments, all right, especially coach Norman Dale's line that, "My practices aren't for your enjoyment. Anyway, you have been warned, and here's hoping you don't end up with one of these as a holiday gift.

Sports movies to share with the girlfriend July A little birdy tells me there will be an announcement about a DP in a couple weeks. It's podcast is up now. The comment is in response to a caller at Combine that throwaway comment with Sportsnet's Gerry Dobson 's subtle as a baseball bat to the head hint yesterday and, well It's becoming increasingly clear that something--and something big not just MLS big, but front page of the Guardian big is going down in TFC-land.

Ultimately, of course, any fan knows that nothing is nothing until the player is holding the strip up at the presser. Multiple sources have told me to look for that to happen Jan 5. Canadian footy , TFC. A Sundin symposium; the chatter about Captain Indecisive. Everyone, give yourselves a round of applause for helping turn Mats Sundin 's career into one brain-bashingly repetitive free-agency rumour. Leafs fans had plenty of time to get ready for this and it was just a business decision.

Anyway, some people do have strong opinions about it, and here's a just a few. Sundin insisted his heart was in Toronto and that joining a team just for a playoff run would somehow cheapen the moment. Sundin may provide more offence, but they need their No. You could get hurt you're 38, and who knows what kind of shape you're in. You may not have the competitive fire anymore after all, it took you this long to decide you still wanted to play.

The Canucks could fall short when it mattered since they're, you know, the Canucks. And that's not what I want, because right or wrong you're a Leaf for life. Obviously on paper, Sundin helps any team. He's a world class player.

But he hasn't played a game since April. How long will it take for him to get into game shape and how long will it take for him to mesh into a squad which has been together since September? All about the journey - he signs half-way through the season Not about the money — took more to play in Vancouver About winning the cup — signed with the 'Nucks who have a long-term injury to Roberto Luongo.

All I know is, a few days or weeks from now I'll be walking around and I'll see someone in a Canucks jersey. And that'll just feel wrong as all hell. It'll be great seeing you honoured at the ACC in a few years. In the meantime I hope your new team tanks, Luongo's groin explodes, and you miss the playoffs.

Posted by sager at Honouring dad with the knuckler. People love stories about someone finding a second life as an athlete, and people are fascinated by the knuckleball. It goes without saying it has not happened with someone who actually made it to the majors. One hopes the younger Niekro pulls this off, on account of it being a neat story and, one can only assume, it might make him feel closer to his late father, who threw a pretty mean knuckler in his day.

East's version of the Blue Jays, a team with a good young pitching staff, an above-average defense, and absolutely no pop in their bat whatsoever, perpetually stuck playing catch-up with two high-profile, high payroll teams and an upstart Florida team, and only content knowing they'll never fall behind a crappy last place mid-Atlantic franchise.

Of course, in this metaphor, the Mets are the Yankees of the N. East and that's simply laughable. He obviously noticed that he wore down in the final months Headline of the day: Posted by sager at 5: The daily Sennies swipe. The Senators, at this writing, only have 13 of votes cast, putting them well behind the lead dogs in the race Tampa Bay and the New York Islanders.

Point being, they're in this discussion. From The Rink is also in the first round of the Busted Coverage blog tournament. Just a friendly reminder from the good folks at OOLF that we'll still be chatting tonight here at 7 p. Your hosts will be chatting with you all about Canada's Female and Male Athletes of the Year and who is most deserving. See you all tonight! Posted by Greg at 3: A portion of fans have taken to booing the Raptors at the ACC now, as evidence by last nights home game against the Dallas Mavericks.

It's disheartening for the players, who now see their home court as a potentially hostile environment, and are even looking forward to a 6 game road trip. To me this talk of bonding on the road seems far too reminiscent of things that Maple Leafs players have said in the past. The fans feel that the player are accountable to them and they will let the players know about it.

The Toronto sports scene can always guarantee you one thing, and that's a very vocal and highly opinionated crowd. Although I'm sure the feelings are mutual among the Raptors players, Chris Bosh was not impressed with the fans opinion of the team last night: It's real tense right now. When you're down three points at home and you're hearing boos, that's kind of disheartening.

Whether the crowd knows it or not, they play a big part in the game. The fans expected more this season, expected more after Sam Mitchell was released and Jay Triano took over, and yet they are seeing that all those expectations are proving difficult to meet. And therein lies the problem - as much as there is some justification to being frustrated with the play of the team this year the fans have to act better regardless if there's any hope to salvage this season.

Empty seats speak volumes, much louder than booing, so to really make a statement would be to not show up for the following game. But unfortunately there is so much hostility already built up in the stands, even before the opening tip off you can hear the sarcasm and put downs circulating in pockets around the ACC, that many fans need very little provocation to get on the teams case and start booing.

The regulars are getting restless. Negativity begets negativity though, and it will certainly not improve the product on the court if fans jump at the first chance, no matter how slight, to berate the team. The Toronto Raptors are presently reeling, compiling a record since the hiring of Jay Triano.

The Coaches are wondering what can be done, the players are struggling to pull the trigger and struggling to keep up with the uptempo offence, and the fans are voicing their displeasure quite loudly now. There's only one of the factors listed that the fans can control here, and they might want to consider what side of the fence they're sitting on while taking their seat Posted by Mike Radoslav at 2: Springer's snow job; meet the other Doug.

Doug Gilmour has a favourite Christmas carol: Walking In A Winter Blunderland. Or it could be Decoy To The World. For anyone in the GTA or around Ontario who sees Gilmour's post-loss quotes today The Whig-Standard 's story was picked up by The Canadian Press, and Loose Pucks has a post , please understand that this is not a garden-variety junior hockey story.

Anything that Gilmour, now as rookie coach of my hometown Kingston Frontenacs -- my team, he just works there -- says about his players' effort or lack thereof ultimately amounts to a diversionary tactic. Simply put, the chickens have come home to roost for Frontenacs owner Doug Springer: From the looks of it , there was absolutely no one there as the Fronts lost to Mississauga St. It's not about Gilmour. It has never been about Gilmour nor will it ever will be about Gilmour.

The Springer show in Kingston can't even called pitiful, because it would insult the memory of whoever first coined the word pitiful. At least today he's feeling some heat, although some would say the pig already got out of the barn. The presentation is expected to take place in January. Springer long ago forfeited any of benefit of the doubt, mostly due to his retention of GM-for-life Larry Mavety.

The general mangler has steadily let the team's talent base erode since a fine regular season in 81 points. The examples just blur together. The recently traded Josh Brittain was the fifth straight first-round pick of Mavety's who will not finish his junior career in Kingston.

They don't have a single player left from the draft year, which should have provided some key cogs for It sure as hell has in Belleville. Subban , a two-time member of the Canadian world junior team, that season. More remarkably, none of them were taken in the first three rounds. All of them have since been drafted by NHL teams. None of Mavety's draft choices have been taken by the NHL, even though the Frontenacs drafted fourth overall, and had five of the first 66 selections.

At the start of this season, Mavety had the option of acquiring an overage player from the Kitchener Rangers to complete an earlier trade. One player they could have taken off Kitchener's roster was Brandon Mashinter , who is a forward with size 6-foot-4, pounds and scoring touch, something Kingston is lacking. Guess where Mashinter ended up? Around this time last season, Mavety received three players from the Brampton Battalion in the Cory Emmerton trade and in a separate transaction.

Mike Murphy, as noted, is the best goalie in the league. Mavety passed on him in the draft twice. Despite all this, Springer insists that The Royal Mavesty is a "great hockey man" and this franchise's first refuge is to blame the players for not trying hard enough.

That, not any lack of marketing, is why people don't go to the games. Attendance would go up if all traces of Mavety were scrubbed from the organization. Springer could also improve his public image immensely if he put the team up for sale, no reasonable offer refused. It's hard to fault the players for not trying when there is so little evidence of accountability and aptitude among the big brains of this so-called organization.

Mavety has also effectively undermined Gilmour -- raising fears this is part of a plot to make him the fall guy for when they miss the playoffs -- by trading Brittain and Peter Stevens , two players who can hold their own in a fight. Like it or not, this means the rest of the players are vulnerable. The degree to which teams are taking liberties with Kingston's smaller players has become almost comical.

Forward Kelly Geoffrey found out the hard way on Wednesday right around the 1: One can take Gilmour's efforts to become a coach at face value.

Regardless, five Stanley Cup-winning coaches , never mind one Cup-winning ex-player, could not overcome the colossal cluelessness in the cloud cuckoo land of the Kingston Frontenacs. At any level of athletics, it is impossible to fool yourself into giving your best when you know you're out of your depth. The Frontenacs have been exactly that on most nights this season -- largely because of Mavety's laughably dated coaching style -- and wil continue to be until the ownership and management changes.

By the same token, opponents know they do not have to bring their best effort when they play Kingston. You can see a bit of this in every game. Teams know they just to have to do the bare minimum to get out with two points in the standings. As the above story indicates, this is not just a Doug Gilmour story.

It's about an owner killing the OHL product in the Kingston market, because he doesn't care. The city of Kingston is trying to make amends for that sweetheart deal it gave Springer. It budgeted for 3, fans per game and four home playoff dates to meet revenue targets. There was talk last week that would downgrade expectations to 3, people a game. As my friend Tyler King put it, this is effectively means that even if you're not buying Frontenacs tickets as a taxpayer in Kingston, you are buying Frontenacs tickets, since the city is sudsidizing bad hockey.

You want to focus on Doug Gilmour, go ahead. If anything, he's a sympathetic figure for being dragged into this gong show, and hopefully he'll find his coaching salvation. Meantime, above all else, there is Doug Springer, who's fast running out of immunity cards. He is the emperor with no clothes and if you've ever walked around downtown Kingston in January on a day when the wind is howling in off the lake, that's not a good thing.

The powers-that-be in Kingston have finally caught on. It's about time people across Ontario woke up to the fact, too. Gilmour's definitely not the problem and he might not be the solution. Posted by sager at 6: Out there, people are talking. It is good to pass along a couple alternative viewpoints on a day when Eugene Melnyk is promising the Senators will be a top-four team in the Eastern Conference and Don Cherry 's war on dressing down continues unabated.

The biggest, of course, is that Erin Nicks , perhaps as an über-obscure homage to early s Saturday Night Live sketches , has written the ultimate kiss-off post over at The Universal Cynic. The OSHC can continue to lurk around here all they want, but they should know they're wasting their time.

It's one thing to suck; it's quite another to put people to sleep in the process. We all know how much the Sens "hate it" when fans and the media pile on. Be very careful what you wish for, ladies. Let's see what happens when observers finally throw in the towel, stop caring and move on to other interests. Check the falling numbers on the attendance. Listen to the frustration and hopelessness of the fans on the post-game show. On the Melnyk front, Puck Daddy has a good summation of the Senators' sputtering season: Why couldn't The Team score an interview with him?

Meantime, our man Jean-Pierre Allard is taking on a couple of issues revolving around men in loud, red suits. He's got a letter to the editor in the Toronto Star suggesting Cherry be appointed the Senators' fashion consultant, and meantime, he's suggesting a Christmases Future should come with fewer gifts. In other words, it's just getting good in Hockey Country. It's a helluva toboggan ride. Posted by outofleftfield at 8: Due to some technical issues on our end, the OOLF chat will be postponed to tomorrow Thursday at 7 p.

Please come back then. We apologize for the inconvenience. Posted by Greg at Hey, let's be cynical bastards It would be ironic if Canada lost the World Junior hockey gold medal to Sweden.

In Sweden, there's a chance a promising hockey player might actually serve his country. In Canada, we just have them do a photo op at a military base. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk , who claims residency in Barbados, which allows him to avoid paying taxes that support the Canadian Forces, had some nerve to participate in that PR stunt. The holidays are wonderful. The little ones can barely sit still, giddy with anticipation, waiting for the magical day could arrive sooner.

They keep begging for a taste, please can I open just one gift Trading Carlo Coliacovo and Thomas Steen didn't count? Saying the Double-B had nothing to do with that is like actually believing Oswald acted alone.

More headlines that cannot be written: He never would have got that job in Winnipeg! The Belleville Bulls added more scoring punch , picking up Brandon Mashinter from Kitchener, and managed to get two relatively high draft choices coming their way.

Mashinter was one of the overage players that the Kingston Frontenacs could have picked up at the start of the season to complete last season's Ben Shutron trade. So please avoid any comparisons with the Bulls and Kingston Frontenacs. Only one of them is still an Ontario Hockey League team. Ottawa's own Tyler Holmes , who plays offensive tackle for Tulsa, was recently named to the Conference USA freshman team the things you miss when you're on vacation.

OK, so the Canadian Blog Awards voting didn't turn out as well as it could have -- but it's not like this site got less votes it its category than Paul Wells did in the pundit class.

Last but not least, there is a second Barry Sanders Jr. Spin-o-rama into my heart. You've likely seen this: It's pretty much the talk of the town today and if it's the talk of T. Pretty cool move, eh? If you were insane enough to listen to the post-game presser last night you would have heard two or three of the reporters ask Ron Wilson what he thought of the move. In particular the reporters wanted to know whether Blake would have had a one way ticket to Exhibition Place if he had missed somehow it doesn't seem as menacing as sending them to Newfoundland did and whether he would have been pissed if a Devils player had made that move on the Leafs.

Thankfully, Wilson gave the correct answers "Don't care what they do as long as they score" and "no, it's up to us to stop what they do".

But, it's telling that the questions were even asked. Only in hockey would the display of creativity be questioned. Just ask Don Cherry. Hockey players, especially Canadian hockey players, don't "showboat. Or more importantly do you remember Cherry's reaction to the "lacrosse goal? And, in one way, Cherry was right. Crosby would be taking his life in his own hands if he made a move like that in the NHL.

One of the league's thugs would have "delivered a message" to Crosby for having the audacity to be creative. And, the hockey world would have taken the goon's side -- "serves the little punk right," would be the attitude. As Canadians we should be proud that we have produced players like Crosby that can do the things that he can do and that even middling players like Blake have the skill to pull off a move like he did last night. In Hamilton a senior hockey player is on his deathbed after whacking his head off the ice in a fight.

Yes, the people in the rinks cheer when there are fights. That's easy to see. But, we don't know how many people watching at home are turning away. Yet hockey's deep thinkers continue to insist that there is nothing wrong. It's a wonderful game. Or, at least it can be when the skill and speed of its players are allowed to shine through. But, too often that's lost in the ugliness that grabs the headlines. If the NHL ever needed a showboat, it's now.

Posted by Duane Rollins at 8: Proudly podunk; why Canada doesn't need the NFL. A good Minnesota Vikings fan knows about crazy coincidences , so this could not have happened by accident. On Monday, Edward Greenspan , the Toronto lawyer, wrote a rather whingey op-ed about how he was a "bit angry" over the Bills in Toronto fiasco, saying it made the city and country look "podunk. It also included some wise words for all the poseurs up here who think the city needs the NFL for some sort of self-validation.

It all starts about a minute into the clip. Now, can anyone explain the significance of Jason Segel 's character wearing a No. For those of you who don't have time to watch the clip, here's the money quote to share with Greenspan, Rogers vice-president Phil Lind and the whole lot of them: Plus, in Canada, you can go to an all-nude strip club and order alcohol. From Moose Jaw to the Bay of Fundy, you can suck down a ounce Pilsner while watching some coal miner's daughter strip down to her pelt.

In Canada, people don't care where you're from. As long as you're friendly and loan them a smoke or hand them a donut. I'm proud to be Canadian. I wish I was there right now. No doubt that Greenspan and his friends, who live in a different world where people have underlings to order around and own cottages and own more than one suit, would just see this as something from the idiot box.

They wouldn't get the connection. They probably didn't even notice Marshall Eriksen Segel's character was wearing No. Regardless, there's a lesson in there. We could stand to improve many things about ourselves in Canada, especially when it comes to how we support sports, but through Robin played by Cobie Smulders , a Vancouver girl , something like the truth has been revealed. We don't need a fancy NFL team and the Buffalo, soon to be Toronto, Bills are only fancy with how they contrive to blow games in the final minutes.

It's a pretty good country even if we don't steal Buffalo's NFL team, even though we're probably going to, eventually. No disrespect to Greenspan, who can buy and sell yours truly several times over before lunch, but his whole notion that you have to have four major pro teams to be a world-class city is just bumph.

San Francisco only has baseball and football, and both its teams stink, but people still visit it in droves. Seattle is still great even its post-Sonics, pre-Sounders landscape. Friends speak well of Omaha, Nebraska, which doesn't have anything bigger than a Triple-A baseball team. Happiness can be had without having four teams or worrying what people are thinking about you.

It's not how much it takes to make you happy, it's how little. Anyone who can't get that through his head is beyond saving. And how this relates to the Vikings' tortured history It's acknowledged that it tempts fate to reference Gary Anderson and the Almost Perfect season four days before a Falcons-Vikings game.

However, enough time has passed to at least start making jokes about it. Besides, anyone who has adopted the same interpretation of karma as Jared Allen probably isn't worried. Weird little reminders of that kick keep popping up. For instance, in that same year, , the Queen's Golden Gaels' season ended with a loss to McGill by a near-identical score, McGill's kicker, Anand Pillai , unlike Gary Anderson nine months earlier, had a perfect day, 5-for-5 on field goals.

And who is now the kicker for McGill? Austin Anderson , Gary Anderson's son. You could look it up. Oh, and here's the significance of Marshall Eriksen's No. Time to get as mad as hell.

This is not surprising. Thing is, Rogers Sportsnet supposedly has a licence for a hour baseball, but hasn't done anything with it.

Canadian ball fans are doing quite well at finding other places to get their baseball fix if the major media outlets in this country don't want to cater to the second-biggest bloc of sports fans in Canada granted, after No.

Now the AFL's dead As Neate mentioned this morning, the Arena Football League finally got around to suspending their season [AFL press release] late last night. Sounds like someone finally whacked it to stop the protests. For those keeping track, this came five days after Los Angeles Avengers owner Casey Wasserman told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times last Wednesday that the owners were going to call the season off, prompting this analysis post from myself.

That night, though, the league's owners voted to keep going for a season. Apparently, the owners held another conference call Sunday night and voted [The Associated Press, via Yahoo!

You have to wonder what changed in those four days. It's hard to think that it was that much. The economic mess didn't change drastically, and there wasn't a lot of news on the football front in other leagues that would have made a difference. It also doesn't seem to have been changes on the player relations front, as this move is apparently still subject to union approval [AP, via The Globe and Mail.

What seems more likely is that Wednesday's move was a snap decision not necessarily to keep the league up and running but to further explore the possibililty of playing in That's logical; as I previously wrote, taking a season off makes it tougher to come back, especially in this economic climate. Thus, it's understandable that they wanted to preserve the possibility of playing for as long as possible in fact, the Globe story says there's still a chance of an abbreviated season; that doesn't seem too likely though, as most of the players are probably going to look for work elsewhere.

This still doesn't look good on the AFL, though. Essentially, the same group of people voted twice on the subject within four days. The first vote was unanimously in favour of not suspending play; the second one doesn't seem to have been unanimous, but a majority of owners voted in favour of suspending play. This leaves an appearance of amateurism, and it certainly leads to poor perception in the media; you can bet that the LA Times, Yahoo!

Editors from coast-to-coast are probably cursing the league, and those memories will have an impact on coverage if and when the league resumes play. The implications are interesting.

In the short term,, we'll likely see an influx of talent to the CFL. The scope of that influx is up for debate, but there will certainly be a lot of football players looking for a job this year, and CFL executives like Jim Popp have commented publicly that there are Arena Football players who would be very interesting to CFL teams.

We might also see more broadcasts of CFL games in the U. There's too much interest in football in the U. The AFL also has a lot of big names and big money backing it. It will be tough either for the AFL to come back or a new league to start in the current economic state of affairs, though, as they would be very much an alternative, fringe league. The big leagues in the U.

However, that demand is usually more for mainstream sports, which makes sense. People have to prioritize their spending, and it's easier to rationalize giving something else up to buy tickets for an event if you're a passionate fan of the team or the league involved.

Thus, these tickets are sometimes regarded as more essential. For leagues such as the AFL, the NHL and even MLS, though, a good deal of their fans don't necessarily put that sport first, and thus they may find it hard to justify spending the cash for tickets to those games.

Some quotes from the AFL press release to wrap things up: These are trying economic times. The revamping will ensure that the AFL continues to provide value to its fans and not only survives but thrives in the years to come. Our experience with the Desperados has accomplished those goals and has been very positive. As we move forward we will explore all of the options that are available in regard to the future of the AFL and the Desperados.

In addition, our club is very proud of its leadership position in the league in many areas on and off the field.

We want that to continue for our fans, so we support the decision to focus our energies on securing the long-term success of the Arena Football League. Posted by Andrew Bucholtz at 8: Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

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