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Altogether, the exchange lost , bitcoin that belonged to its customers. Bitcoin Fails To Break Out! Not only will you know how to invest in bitcoin before the masses, you'll be even further ahead of the pack.

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Wallets like Electrum let you store bitcoin on a computer. If you want to store your bitcoin in a web-wallet, look at Blockchain. When you're comfortable transferring bitcoin from an exchange to your wallet, go back to the exchange. Try trading bitcoin for another cryptocurrency like Ethereum. Not only will you know how to invest in bitcoin before the masses, you'll be even further ahead of the pack. Good investing, Eric As of this writing, Eric Wade was long bitcoin. As a cryptocurrency analyst, people often ask me if they should be buying bitcoin.

When I say yes, they want to know how. I can't speak to your personal financial situation. I can tell you this, though: It's a new asset class … the first digital currency not controlled by a central organization or government. And we're nearing a point where the real risk won't be owning bitcoin … it will be not owning it. In my mind, it's the best hedge against economic turmoil. Start small Don't jump in headfirst. It also lowers the stakes as you learn to use bitcoin.

Buying cryptocurrency, moving and storing it is not like online banking or investing. If you send bitcoin to the wrong location, you can't call your bank and cancel the transaction. With bitcoin, what's done is done.

There is no reversing it. A learning curve is inevitable. And experience is the best teacher. Write everything down Bitcoin is one of the world's most advanced technologies. The irony is you still need to keep "offline" records. That means printing out Word documents … or even using pen and paper to back up your information.

To store, send or receive bitcoin, you need a digital wallet. Think of it as the vault where you "keep" your bitcoin. Here's an example of an online bitcoin wallet from Blockchain. Your wallet has a public key, which will look something like this: That key is an address you can share with others who want to send you bitcoin.

Think of it like an account name. Your wallet also has a private key. This is an alphanumeric sequence, or a string of words generated by your wallet.

Never share your private key. It's the "password" you use to access your wallet. Whoever controls it has full control of your bitcoin.

If you lose your private key, you won't have an "I forgot my password" option. I advise you to avoid them. If you let a third party store your private key, they might be able to access it. No access to your wallet. And you lose your investment. That's why I write everything down. Or, I print out screenshots that include my wallet information. And I always put them somewhere safe. Don't leave money on an exchange The easiest way to start buying bitcoin is by opening an account with an exchange.

Much like opening an online bank account, it can take a few days. During that process, they verify your identity. They also ensure you're not a criminal. Once you have an account, you can fund it with a bank transfer -- or a credit card in some cases.

Then, you can exchange that money for bitcoin. After you've purchased your bitcoin, store it in a bitcoin wallet. Leaving it in your account on an exchange creates undue risk. If the exchange gets hacked, you might lose your money. This has happened in a couple high-profile cases. In , bitcoin exchange Mt. Altogether, the exchange lost , bitcoin that belonged to its customers.

Hackers have a big incentive to target exchanges. Either they became bearish, lost their money or left the market. Or maybe a mix of everything?

Anyway, let's come to the Bitcoin analysis. All of my altcoin targets have been reached You are more then welcome to subscribe my channel! I am promise I will start to speak more. Thank you for watching my video! So if you want me to continue with this show some support with likes, sharing, comments so I keep going.

The analysis is a mix of circle fib, extended fib, extended time fib, putting 3 fibs together is really challenging so I hope be up to Wyckoff occurs in the bottoms.. Clear bear break yesterday has led to a slow grind bounce. Looking for a 4 hour lower high to be set as the RSI slowly recovers from oversold. Short are likely to try and act on the 4 hour bear flag at some point today, we will see if bulls can defend support.

After the dump yesterday, sentiment in Hey guys E55 here, With this post I would like to tell you that I am back. Almost everyone thought my predictions were crazy and impossible. Now after a long break, you have the result of my ideas. In the long run, I was right and nobody can change that. You can look forward to ideas from me in the coming time. I wish you all a nice day: A few long term Why is this so hard for someone to see? Why anyone would be buying here is beyond me.. Zone of Last Hope the Candles kiss Precipice.

Why have we Returned here? Why have we Stopped here? Why have we Remained here? Here is the weekly chart for Bitcoin. With these indicators you can have a longer term perspective of what is happening and can also avoid panic: This bearflag can be in play at the moment because this is a standard setup: Other important explanations have been included with this video regarding the benefits of familiarizing ourselves with Wyckoff Method to have an idea of WHERE we are within a schematic and to use our indicators to assist us with each trade from one event to the next event in each phase of the schematic.

Other pointers were given on trailing stops and amount of

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