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So yesterday we had a Trump Twitter meltdown, with the Tweeter in Chief mentioning Robert Mueller by name on Twitter for what I’m told is the first time. At the same time, numerous GOP pols and ex-pols — Trump friends and foes alike — took to the Sunday shows to warn Trump that firing Mueller.

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MacRumors , AppleInsider ny! Living Smart TV ny! Casino-wiki , Poker-wiki LiveCasino. Juul Value Invest ny! Data og kurser Investopedia. Dansk Pengemuseum Museum of American Finance. It started out simple, and has grown with me as my knowledge base has expanded, and my plan has become more finely honed. University of Chicago professor Harold Pollack wrote his on an index card, and it went viral. Set it aside for now, and revisit annually.

From zero to DIY investing hero in 20 steps. What did I leave out? I started recommending it before I had the ability to receive compensation via an affiliate link, because I use it daily and love it, but I want to provide full disclosure.

It can get overwhelming to try and do everything all at once si breaking it down into bite size steps can be very helpful! Thanks for the guide! Thank you so much for this simple, clear, succinct guide. Could you do a blog post about how to rebalance allocations and keep assets sequestered in their tax efficient locations? Yes, I know a lot of rebalancing can be done solely with new contributions, but not all of it.

And, how about rebalancing when no longer making contributions? Thanks for the question, Peter. The short answer is tax-inefficient assets should be held only in tax-advantaged accounts, but tax-efficient classes can be held in all accounts. It gets a little trickier the more you slice and dice, and the narrower the bands you try to maintain. In the taxable account, when one class becomes overweight, stop contributing to that class, and put future dollars towards an underweight class perhaps international.

I like the KISS asset allocation strategy keep it simple, stupid. I could easily see a book in your future that expands on some of the steps and even adds a few like saving for college. I also enjoy reading articles on SeekingAlpha. Keep up the great work. Great reference for the young and aged investor alike. I am being picky around a very very useful article. They maybe have been reading and know so much on the topic already, but there is a difference between knowledge and action — question — is this the order you would recommend for anyone starting?

Learning financial management and investing takes time to absorb. Read, read and read more… you educate yourself to be a medic… do like wise to be a DIY-Investor! Mick author of Picking Winning Shares: ISBN and founder of diy-investors.

Additional step, perhaps even step 1 — Determine the end goal of your investing, how much money do you need to have? I talked about knowing your starting point, but not so much the destination. Having a concrete goal helps you maintain the discipline required to reach it. As an aside, do you expect DIY physicians to need to worry about estate planning?

If you have beneficiaries named, the main thing that probate can tie up is property. This is a phenomenal list! Thanks for the great idea! I used to follow another blogger, Jason Fieber, in his Dividend Mantra blog. You said you max your plan in stocks and bonds. Do you have all in index funds? Why do you have the dividends and capital gains transferred to your bank account, instead of re-investing them?

Also, what stock brokers do you recommend? I understand you may not be able to answer all my questions, but would appreciate a response! I do re-invest dividends, but in my taxable account, I first send them to a money market fund within the Vanguard account.

I then decide which fund to reinvest in. Automatic reinvestments could wreak havoc with tax loss harvesting and create an unintentional wash sale. Thanks for the post! Are you willing to share your spreadsheet on tracking different accounts 13?

Betterment just raised fees , and you can easily do it yourself. But if you prefer to be hands off, you could consider a robo-advisor. I am already looking at Fidelity if Vangaurd does not allow roll over. I hope i can make this all happen so that i can contribute to I have come back to this post over and over again since you published it, and will definitely link to it from my blog if that is okay. You never have to ask pemission to link.

I may turn it into a series of 20 posts, taking a deeper dive into each one. What are your thoughts on muni bonds in taxable? Saw a recent post on WCI on that. Any thoughts on those two? That could change the equation drastically.

State tax is also not factored in. The bottom line is anyone agonizing over the merits of asset location to this level of detail is probably making lots of good choices and will be fine whether they put bonds in tax deferred, munis in taxable, or both.

How to access your retirement accounts in early retirement: I will share this with my friends who are mindlessly giving money to a financial adviser to handle their simple investments. Great tips for investing nerds as well. Top Five ways to manage your money - Stocks Masters. Are you self-insuring here, or considering this as part of your retirement expenses.

If you make it through the first 5 to 10 years without a particularly nasty sequence of returns, you should be golden. Sensationalizing Risk - Accidental Fire. Forms for stock and bond mutual funds. Can be used for money market funds too. Curating the best of money and personal finance. Your email address will not be published.

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May 11, at 1: May 11, at 2: Thanks for weighing in! May 11, at 4: Smart Money MD smartmoneymd. May 11, at

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